Leading Life through the Subconscious

Image by nini kvaratskhelia from Pixabay

There have been cases where a person misses a bus, only to discover that the missed bus met with a horrific accident later that day. Or say a person skips the office just because he/she was not in the mood, only to later discover that the office building got fire that day. Let’s consider some unlucky cases: a person was in a long queue to withdraw cash from an ATM, but the cash reserve got finished only when a particular person’s chance came. Cases like these may seem like random instances of luck, but they are not. A lot has to do with our subconscious mind that is connected to the collective consciousness of this universe. 

Our subconscious is intuitive because it is not space-time bound like the analytical conscious mind. Every person has continuous access to the universal collective consciousness where all the information from past, present, and future exists. All of us are receptive to this information to a certain degree, some are more aware or sensitive to this information exchange, others are less aware of it. 

The goal of any divination method is to create a set of symbols that could be used by our subconscious to communicate with our conscious. I Ching and Tarot are two popular divination mediums that could be used as such. I use both of them from time to time depending upon the circumstances. Currently, I use I Ching more often as I have observed that the longer the process, the better the results and accuracy. I Ching takes a little bit longer to perform, hence requiring more focus and thus, better accuracy. Initially, hexagrams and their respective explanations may seem vague, but upon contemplation, one can clearly see the way I Ching communicates with a person. So, it is basically a medium of communication, or better to say that it is like a language that is used for communication by our subconscious. 

Any form of divination is important in our lives, not because we need to know the future, but because there are things that are not apparent to our physical senses, but those subtle things are caught by our subconscious that upon communication can show us the broader picture. This bigger picture is vital for taking any important decision.


Communicating With A Spirit

Ten days ago, I had a profound experience of communicating with a spirit who was very close to me when she was alive. And today, perhaps I understood why I had that communication.

So, it started like this…

Photo by Andraz Lazic on Unsplash

There were two leftover Rotis (Indian flat bread) that were two days old and none were ready in our household to eat those leftover Rotis. I didn’t want to waste food so I started eating those leftover Rotis, while eating those Rotis some memories started coming. Once in the past, I threw one hardened leftover Roti in anger from our old kitchen’s shelf. My aunt (who was alive at that time), picked up that Roti and ate. I was shocked and felt remorse too when she picked up that Roti from the floor and put it on a plate to eat. She didn’t say a single word to me, neither did I say anything to her that day, but we both understood what she meant (a hardened leftover Roti is as valuable as a freshly prepared one). Back to present, my flash back was over and I continued with my other chores. Later in the night, I sat to do some me time stuff that generally includes me reading absurd things or asking xyz questions to my higher self or using some kind of divination tool. While I was busy doing me-stuffs, all of a sudden I started feeling her presence as if she was just in front of me. There was no one in my room, but I felt a presence. Then I started getting image flashes in my mind’s eye. I saw her tearful eyes, and the intense pain in them. It was like she wanted to keep something as they were for ever, but unfortunately life changes and with it things too. I knew her attachment to our old house and place. That house was abandoned for a long time, but today I got to know from my mother that recently our old house has been opened and cleaned by my uncle who is staying there alone now. So, now I understand the reason behind her communication that day.

That day, just to check whether it was my own imagination or really she was there in spirit form I posed her a question. I knew what kind of novels she liked and the kind of advice she would love to give. In spite of her own inexperience, she was an expert advisor because of the knowledge gained through reading novels. So, I asked her a question related to her favorite topic that was concerning me at that moment, instantly I received answers through visuals in my mind. I was super surprised. I know how visions feel different when they come from outside so, I was hundred percent sure that it was not my imagination. Then she went away in a good mood as the question I asked her was about something that she always liked to read or talk about.

While this was not the first time she made her presence felt after her death, it was a very strong experience for me as the communication was clearly two ways this time like a real life interaction.

You Are Divine

Every morning we wake up and move on with our chores, ignoring the person who just woke up i.e. ourselves. We ignore that the person who just woke up needs applause for performing his/her duty diligently in this world. All we need is a few seconds of self-talk with an expression of gratitude towards ourselves.

Like a lotus over a pond, take yourself above this world.

The serene-looking lotus grows over the muck, this world is that muck and we have to be that lotus that in spite of being in the muck is untouched by it. No elitism here. Here a world like muck means a world of attachments, this attachment could be towards money, power, property, etc. Whenever we attach a desire to something, we get muck from it. Then someone can argue that wouldn’t a world without desire would be a dull place to live? My answer would be no if one really understands the flow with which the world runs. The world runs at its own pace, and if we surrender ourselves to that pace like a raft going downstream then our journey in this world would be a lot easier, like if there’s no coffee on your shelf then go for tea, if there’s no tea, go for warm water, and if there’s no warm water then go just for water. Going with the flow doesn’t mean inactivity or leniency towards one’s goal, what it means is “going for the contentment by setting aside the desires.”

The goal of a desire is to reach contentment but to reach that contentment we don’t need desire.

Believe me, there’s nothing in this world that could justify suffering that emerges from a melancholic heart. We don’t deserve this suffering and we are the ones who can help us to throw away this malice. All we need is to believe in this most powerful person who works for ourselves, that is our very own self. We have to believe that there’s always a plan B for every A gone wrong. There are an endless number of B’s, we just need to find them and yes, we will always have them because nothing ceases in this world, everything goes on here with a flow.

So the next time you wake up in the morning, seize the moment and tell yourself that “I am divine, I am powerful, I will live it and rise up like a lotus.”

Mind Matter and the Soul

Before I start with my interpretation of sutras (aphorisms) in yoga sutras (originally in Sanskrit), let me point to the meaning of self or “I” that we associate with ourselves. 

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We are not our bodies, we are not the mind, neither the intelligence associated with it. We are the one that controls the intellect, working behind mind. Now, the question arises that if we are the one that is controlling our mind then why can’t we perceive or understand that controller? We can’t perceive it because of our engagement with the universe that we have created around us. Chapter one of the Yoga Sutras begins with subtle concepts of Chitta (mind-stuff or an aspect of mind) and Vrittis (mind’s manifestations).

So, let’s start. I start with my expression of gratitude to the great sage Patanjali whose observations passed down through ages are still helping many who are trying to understand the real nature of this world.

Sutra 1. Atha Yogaanushasanam

Translation: Here are the rules for Yoga

Sutra 2: Yogashchittavrittinirodhah

Translation: Yoga restrains the aspects of the mind from indulging in manifestations.

Explanation: Yoga (with the literal meaning “union”) is a tool for controlling one’s mind-stuff or Chitta (Sanskrit). Before we move forward, let’s discuss two Sanskrit words “Chitta” and “Vritti” from the above aphorism.

Chitta is the aspect of the mind that helps in manifesting everything that we perceive in this material world. First, we use our sense organs which send signals to the brain, where it is received by the mind and interpreted by the intellect. The intellect then transfers the interpretation to the true self or soul or the governor of intellect which then manifests or creates the universe that we see or perceive around us. Vritti is all the things we call our world, the illusion that has been created by our own selves with help of Chitta or mind-stuff.

So, the purpose of yoga is to restrain our mind-stuff (Chitta) from engaging in manifestations (Vrittis) so that in the absence of those manifestations we can see, perceive or realize our true self, the ultimate being who’s running all the shows or movies that we are watching and calling them our world/life.

The realization of self

One is said to be in union with oneself when a fully controlled mind is focussed upon itself only, away from any materialistic desires.” Gita Chapter 6, Verse 18

Our mind is constantly bombarded by signals from various sensory organs, these signals interrupt the realization of true subtle self. To realize this subtle self, we need a certain amount of discipline that begins through changing habits of daily living like diet, activities, exercises, etc. When a person develops physical restraint then he/she should proceed to control one’s breath through practices like pranayama. Once one can control the movements of his/her breath, he/she can proceed to control the senses. After controlling senses, one should work towards concentration, which when advanced leads one to a meditative state that ultimately unites one with oneself i.e. samadhi.

In other words, these are the eight steps of yoga with the ultimate attainment of samadhi (union of the self with supreme self), these eight steps with their names are as follows:

Yama (physical control)

Niyam (Observation of rules and regulations)

Asana (Yogic postures)

Pranayama (Breathe control)

Pratyahara (withdrawal of senses)

Dharana (Concentration)

Dhyana (Meditation)

Samadhi (the realization of self)

So, we have to begin with small steps by inculcating changes in lifestyle through physical restraints. One of the very convenient methods to increase one’s physical restraint is through fasting, fasting helps in cutting down the impulses through diet. Following rules is the next step that takes this physical control to mental control. Rules and regulations are abstract construct and we need a certain amount of mental restraint in order to not violate them. One of the examples is following a code of ethics, which may require a certain amount of mental restraint to follow. Asanas are the yogic postures or exercises that prepare one’s body for higher stages of yoga as sitting continuously for meditation requires some stamina and strength. Once the body is prepared through Asanas (postures), a practitioner can start controlling breath through pranayama or breathing exercises. This is followed by concentrated effort to meditate, attainment of meditative state, and the ultimate realization of self through the union of the self with the supreme-self or Samadhi.

Missing Dear Ones

“How can we miss someone if we ourselves are that someone?”

Photo Credit: Aurelien Bellanger

With people scattered across the globe, it is very common to miss someone who is not near you. For months, I missed my family after leaving India. I missed my life so badly that usually during sleep I would dream of train whistles like each night I would hear it in India (my home was near to a railway station). For months, I would wake up to find myself in a place where I didn’t want to be. All of these combined with loneliness led me to divine wisdom. I experienced a series of precognitive dreams for three consecutive nights. When those dreams happened, they had a different feel to them like some signal coming from a broadcasting station. I could see myself seeing future incidents, and had an instant realization that those things are going to happen. Those dreams gave me hope, because I knew what was going to happen. Those dreams shattered my belief in conventional science. How in this world can we know the future? I started searching for reasons that could explain my experiences. My research led me to the art of “remote viewing”, and it changed my world forever. 


“In one word, this ideal is that you are divine”- Swami Vivekananda

After practicing remote viewing for a year, I realized the world we see is very different from the world that actually is. We are never far from each other, be it in time or space. We are all pervasive, our survival is not limited to our physical bodies. The mere thought that we are our physical body and everything ends with this body is absolutely wrong. We exist beyond this body, all the differences we are seeing in this world are just mere illusions. It is tough to believe that this world is an illusion till we experience something that can’t be explained by current science. As for me, I still get random visions, but with remote viewing I can now induce controlled vision. 


No, absolutely not because they are us. How can we miss someone if we ourselves are that someone? We are not different from those we miss, our perceptions may make us believe that we are different individuals, but in reality all of us are one. We don’t go from place to place, we stay where we’ve always stayed. What moves is our perception, and we can focus our perception to anywhere/anyone without being physically there. All we need is to conquer our mind and make it work for us the way we want it to be instead of making us work for it.