Missing Dear Ones

“How can we miss someone if we ourselves are that someone?”

Photo Credit: Aurelien Bellanger

With people scattered across the globe, it is very common to miss someone who is not near you. For months, I missed my family after leaving India. I missed my life so badly that usually during sleep I would dream of train whistles like each night I would hear it in India (my home was near to a railway station). For months, I would wake up to find myself in a place where I didn’t want to be. All of these combined with loneliness led me to divine wisdom. I experienced a series of precognitive dreams for three consecutive nights. When those dreams happened, they had a different feel to them like some signal coming from a broadcasting station. I could see myself seeing future incidents, and had an instant realization that those things are going to happen. Those dreams gave me hope, because I knew what was going to happen. Those dreams shattered my belief in conventional science. How in this world can we know the future? I started searching for reasons that could explain my experiences. My research led me to the art of “remote viewing”, and it changed my world forever. 


“In one word, this ideal is that you are divine”- Swami Vivekananda

After practicing remote viewing for a year, I realized the world we see is very different from the world that actually is. We are never far from each other, be it in time or space. We are all pervasive, our survival is not limited to our physical bodies. The mere thought that we are our physical body and everything ends with this body is absolutely wrong. We exist beyond this body, all the differences we are seeing in this world are just mere illusions. It is tough to believe that this world is an illusion till we experience something that can’t be explained by current science. As for me, I still get random visions, but with remote viewing I can now induce controlled vision. 


No, absolutely not because they are us. How can we miss someone if we ourselves are that someone? We are not different from those we miss, our perceptions may make us believe that we are different individuals, but in reality all of us are one. We don’t go from place to place, we stay where we’ve always stayed. What moves is our perception, and we can focus our perception to anywhere/anyone without being physically there. All we need is to conquer our mind and make it work for us the way we want it to be instead of making us work for it.