Communicating With A Spirit

Ten days ago, I had a profound experience of communicating with a spirit who was very close to me when she was alive. And today, perhaps I understood why I had that communication.

So, it started like this…

Photo by Andraz Lazic on Unsplash

There were two leftover Rotis (Indian flat bread) that were two days old and none were ready in our household to eat those leftover Rotis. I didn’t want to waste food so I started eating those leftover Rotis, while eating those Rotis some memories started coming. Once in the past, I threw one hardened leftover Roti in anger from our old kitchen’s shelf. My aunt (who was alive at that time), picked up that Roti and ate. I was shocked and felt remorse too when she picked up that Roti from the floor and put it on a plate to eat. She didn’t say a single word to me, neither did I say anything to her that day, but we both understood what she meant (a hardened leftover Roti is as valuable as a freshly prepared one). Back to present, my flash back was over and I continued with my other chores. Later in the night, I sat to do some me time stuff that generally includes me reading absurd things or asking xyz questions to my higher self or using some kind of divination tool. While I was busy doing me-stuffs, all of a sudden I started feeling her presence as if she was just in front of me. There was no one in my room, but I felt a presence. Then I started getting image flashes in my mind’s eye. I saw her tearful eyes, and the intense pain in them. It was like she wanted to keep something as they were for ever, but unfortunately life changes and with it things too. I knew her attachment to our old house and place. That house was abandoned for a long time, but today I got to know from my mother that recently our old house has been opened and cleaned by my uncle who is staying there alone now. So, now I understand the reason behind her communication that day.

That day, just to check whether it was my own imagination or really she was there in spirit form I posed her a question. I knew what kind of novels she liked and the kind of advice she would love to give. In spite of her own inexperience, she was an expert advisor because of the knowledge gained through reading novels. So, I asked her a question related to her favorite topic that was concerning me at that moment, instantly I received answers through visuals in my mind. I was super surprised. I know how visions feel different when they come from outside so, I was hundred percent sure that it was not my imagination. Then she went away in a good mood as the question I asked her was about something that she always liked to read or talk about.

While this was not the first time she made her presence felt after her death, it was a very strong experience for me as the communication was clearly two ways this time like a real life interaction.