You Are Divine

Every morning we wake up and move on with our chores, ignoring the person who just woke up i.e. ourselves. We ignore that the person who just woke up needs applause for performing his/her duty diligently in this world. All we need is a few seconds of self-talk with an expression of gratitude towards ourselves.

Like a lotus over a pond, take yourself above this world.

The serene-looking lotus grows over the muck, this world is that muck and we have to be that lotus that in spite of being in the muck is untouched by it. No elitism here. Here a world like muck means a world of attachments, this attachment could be towards money, power, property, etc. Whenever we attach a desire to something, we get muck from it. Then someone can argue that wouldn’t a world without desire would be a dull place to live? My answer would be no if one really understands the flow with which the world runs. The world runs at its own pace, and if we surrender ourselves to that pace like a raft going downstream then our journey in this world would be a lot easier, like if there’s no coffee on your shelf then go for tea, if there’s no tea, go for warm water, and if there’s no warm water then go just for water. Going with the flow doesn’t mean inactivity or leniency towards one’s goal, what it means is “going for the contentment by setting aside the desires.”

The goal of a desire is to reach contentment but to reach that contentment we don’t need desire.

Believe me, there’s nothing in this world that could justify suffering that emerges from a melancholic heart. We don’t deserve this suffering and we are the ones who can help us to throw away this malice. All we need is to believe in this most powerful person who works for ourselves, that is our very own self. We have to believe that there’s always a plan B for every A gone wrong. There are an endless number of B’s, we just need to find them and yes, we will always have them because nothing ceases in this world, everything goes on here with a flow.

So the next time you wake up in the morning, seize the moment and tell yourself that “I am divine, I am powerful, I will live it and rise up like a lotus.”