Leading Life through the Subconscious

Image by nini kvaratskhelia from Pixabay

There have been cases where a person misses a bus, only to discover that the missed bus met with a horrific accident later that day. Or say a person skips the office just because he/she was not in the mood, only to later discover that the office building got fire that day. Let’s consider some unlucky cases: a person was in a long queue to withdraw cash from an ATM, but the cash reserve got finished only when a particular person’s chance came. Cases like these may seem like random instances of luck, but they are not. A lot has to do with our subconscious mind that is connected to the collective consciousness of this universe. 

Our subconscious is intuitive because it is not space-time bound like the analytical conscious mind. Every person has continuous access to the universal collective consciousness where all the information from past, present, and future exists. All of us are receptive to this information to a certain degree, some are more aware or sensitive to this information exchange, others are less aware of it. 

The goal of any divination method is to create a set of symbols that could be used by our subconscious to communicate with our conscious. I Ching and Tarot are two popular divination mediums that could be used as such. I use both of them from time to time depending upon the circumstances. Currently, I use I Ching more often as I have observed that the longer the process, the better the results and accuracy. I Ching takes a little bit longer to perform, hence requiring more focus and thus, better accuracy. Initially, hexagrams and their respective explanations may seem vague, but upon contemplation, one can clearly see the way I Ching communicates with a person. So, it is basically a medium of communication, or better to say that it is like a language that is used for communication by our subconscious. 

Any form of divination is important in our lives, not because we need to know the future, but because there are things that are not apparent to our physical senses, but those subtle things are caught by our subconscious that upon communication can show us the broader picture. This bigger picture is vital for taking any important decision.