What all beings consider as the day is the night of ignorance for the wise, and what creatures see as night is the day for the introspective sage.” (Gita, Chapter 2, verse 69)


Take a long breath and close your eyes, when you exhale, feel it. Relax, what do you see while your eyes are closed? Flowers, sparks, patterns, blank board, etc. irrespective of what you can see or not see, there’s a world inside your closed eyes and this world is beyond physical dimensions of space and time. One can argue and ward it off as mere illusion or imagination, but with precise observations, one can distinguish between the imagination (originating from self) and reality. Sometimes, we are lucky to accidentally step upon the experiences not fitting in the linear model of time, that’s the moment we realize the vastness of the world that’s defined beyond our four dimensions. But, most often it requires practice to peep into this inner world.


We use five senses to perceive the immediate world around us. These are the senses that gather data and supply them to our brain in order to create meaning out of them. But, when one shifts the focus of these five senses from the immediate world outside to the world inside i.e. when one is alert towards the inner self like in certain meditations then a different world opens up.


So, what’s there in the world that’s beyond linear time and defined space? It is a world where time and space are no limits to one’s ability to perceive data, it’s a world where thoughts have profound existence, it’s a world of all the probabilities that may or may not have been experienced, it’s the world where knowledge has no limits and is always accessible. Sounds like heaven or a fantasy land? Then why do we suffer in this world when the key to that another world is anytime accessible? The simple answer is our reluctance to perceive the inner world. Most often we are too busy to look inside, to shift the focus of consciousness from the outer world to the inner world requires patience and yes, the worldly time.


The spiritual refuge is a break that one takes to stop a bit, take a moment and lean inside into the world that’s waiting to get explored. The hidden world that sometimes communicates in the name of intuition, miracle, precognition, paranormal to name a few. Through this blog, I would try to explore that other world. Here, I would discuss spiritual practices like Vrat Kathas (Self-discipline through diet), Tarot, I Ching, Verses and Quotes that influenced me. I hope you all will find this blog helpful, as each of us learns through others, after all, we are mediums through which we experience (and learn) together.